Our Story

We believe fresh craft beer tastes better.

Every craft beer drinker has to start somewhere. Maybe a mate of yours is years into their craft beer journey and offers you your first Pale Ale or Session IPA which tastes refreshingly better than the mainstream beers you have been drinking previously.

We always like to say "drinking craft beer is like listening to music. Just when you think you have found a favourite, you find a new one that blow's your senses!".

Immediately you are hooked, and on the journey of exploration to find a fresh new beer each month that is fresh, different and satisfies your now thirsty palate.

The challenge here is some bottle shops you visit either have no craft beer available at all, offer the same style beers or have limited beer choices, have craft beers that have been canned months ago or have a wealth of choice leaving you overwhelmed and intimidated, which makes choosing the right crafty difficult!

Introducing the Hops to Home Fresh Can Beer Club. Our fresh craft beer club is filled with 10 x 365ml cans fresh from the brewery. We pick 5 different beers and breweries each month for you to try which includes tasting notes of the beers and an introduction to each brewery. Our favourite styles to include are IPA's, Pale Ales, Session IPA's and Stouts. This pack is perfect for the everyday craft beer drinker or those looking for guaranteed fresh beer. We also offer a 20 can pack (4 x 5 styles of beer) for those of you who might be a little bit thirstier - or perfect for sharing with a mate!

We promise you will always get different beers in each months pack, never drink the same beer twice, and guarantee the beer will be the freshest you've ever had. It's a fact.