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March 2020 PACK

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March Pack Review


I love Hops to home it's the latest freshest craftbeers from around Australia. Gets me excited about trying craftbeers the variety is amazing 🍻🍻

Dave T


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February Pack Review


Such a fantastic concept. So glad I signed up. 10 fresh beers from all around Australia. Nothing mainstream and always a good mix that I have enjoyed. Highly recommend if you love trying new and different beers

Samual M


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January Pack Review


Locally brewed so fresh. Good selection. Conveniently in pairs, perfect for sharing with a mate. Right to my door.

Brad D


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December Pack Review


4th delivery and I finally got a beer that id had before. 1 out of 20 isn't a bad ratio. Enjoy the surprise every month.

Andew C


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November Pack Review


Fantastic service. Beer choices interesting welcomed. 100% happy with my subscription. Cheers guys, keep up the good work.

Stephen F


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October Pack Review


There is no doubt that fresh is best for beers and with my hops to home deliveries that is guaranteed. As to is great quality and variety

Wayne W


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September Pack Review


I love Hops to home it's the latest freshest craftbeers from around Australia. Gets me excited about trying craftbeers the variety is amazing 🍻🍻

David T


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August Pack Review


My first experience with Hops to Home was great. The selection of beers was spot on. Great variety and all fresh of the canning line. Brilliant!

Robbie B

Modus Operandi
Pale Ale 5.2%
Canned July


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July Pack Review


Great variety, great tasting beers. Introducing me to a wider range of brews. Each can is a surprise to enjoy, keep up the excellent selections.

James B

IPL Canned 13th June

One IPA, four seasons. Each new season we find the freshest hops and brew an IPA in tribute. BLUE is the...

Heroes and Villans
Black IPA 7.5%
*New Brewery" Canned 12th June

Heroes and Villains is Beer of the New Age. Beer for the developing palette of modern drinkers. We design beer that celebrates life with flavour profiles at once interesting and approachable

Modus Operandi
Silent Knight Porter 5.6%
Canned 10th June


Tasting Notes >>>


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June Pack Review


Loving the last few months deliveries with the higher abv% beers more bang for your buck and last a little longer in the fridge. Also liking the smaller breweries that are coming in the packs as well

Adam S

Wolf of the Willows
Jalisco Sour Agave 4.2%
Limited Release. Canned 8/4/2019

Introducing our 2019 GABS Festival beer ‘Jalisco Sour’, inspired by the Jalisco region of Mexico, home to #TequilaTromba #gabs19.

In collaboration with Tequila Tromba and a legendary crew of #melbourne cocktail bartenders, an ‘Agave Sour’ beer was created. Agave, the base ingredient of Tequila, has been combined with chargrilled pineapples in a pinch of Mexican spice, then kettle soured....Think sour, spice and all things...

That’s not all! This beer is to be served with its own salt, spice and slice of lime to the rim of the can for that extra kick. Post #Gabs2019 some of Australia’s top bars will be serving this beer with their own can rim recipe, hence the phrase #rimityourway.

Bodriggy Brewing
Blinker Dark Ale 5.2%
Canned Fresh in May

This easy drinking English inspired dark ale twinkles like a long yarn at your local. Bready, nutty, caramel with a chocolate malt backbone and dry finish. Find your perch. Get comfortable.

Dainton Brewing
The Professional. Sauv Blanc & Kiwi NEIPA 6.4%
Limited Release. Canned 6/4/2019

Whether taking out hordes of bad dudes and yeast to protect a young Natalie Portman, or slinging his guns on BEER Thread, Leon is a true professional. This beer goes out to the 4,000+ members who make the beer thread community so exciting. A delicious mix of sauv blanc grapes and kiwi hops gives this NEIPA a distinct juicy taste followed by a bitter ending; just like The Professional.

Dainton Brewing
W.T,F West Coast IPA 6.5%
Canned fresh in May

There could be a totally hip rap poem thought it’d probably sound cooler and not use the words “hip” or “poem”. And this beer ain’t cool. It’s just a really f**king good example of a West Coast IPA. Enjoy.

Double NEIPA 8.2%
Canned Fresh in May

Double New England IPA brewed using Cryo Hops


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May Pack Review


Holy shitballs batman! 10 solid IPA’s full of hoppy goodness, lasted only 2 evenings and choc full of flavour. Would order that pack each and every time if I could.

Rob T

Bentspoke Brewery
Cluster 8 Double IPA 8.8%
Limited Release. Canned 8/4/2019

Cluster 8 is a American Imperial IPA style beer brewed by BentSpoke Brewing Co in ... After-taste is a mix of mango and floral character, sort of like a tropical punch. Voted number #12 in the Hottest 100 for 2018 when this is a limited release beer that is only released fresh a few times each year.

One of the most highly sourced beers by craft beer fans if you haven't tried it, you have to!

Blackmans Brewery
Super West Coast IPA 6.1%
Limited Release. Canned 26/4/2019

Everyone knows that with IPAs, fresh is best and nothing can be fresher than an IPA delivered to us the same day it is canned!

Super Hop will be a 7.2% ABV, American West Coast style IPA. Expect a lean malt bill with and a piney and tropical hop presence courtesy of the Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe and Chinook hops!

Ocean Reach Brewing
IPA 6.4%
Limited Release. Canned 6/4/2019

Last day of summer screams IPA! Our American West Coast IPA is dry, hoppy and has a delightful ABV of 6.4%

Coastal Brewing
Cellito IPA 8.3%
Canned 19/4/2019

Cellito IPA is an aromatic, soft, juicy, hazy IPA! The mix (and quantity!) of grain, hops and yeast used make this very different to anything we have brewed so far, something you will understand when you get your first glass!

Named after Cellito Beach (also known as Sandbar), and like sandbars, this IPA looks scenic and relaxing but (at 6.8% and easy to drink) it can be dangerous!

Holgate Brewhouse
Alpha Crucis - XPA 5.5%
Canned Fresh 3rd/4/2019

Alpha Crucis showcases three great hop varieties coming from Hop Products Australia: Galaxy, Topaz and Victoria Secret. Named after the brightest star in the Southern Cross constellation, Alpha Crucis IPA sings of sweet tropical fruits and zingy citrus. The moderate bitterness and clean dry finish makes for an IPA that suits the Australian climate and culture. The 5.5% ABV allows for a more thorough investigation (another pint) of the great hops and malt being grown in Australia.


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April Pack Review


"Great product, the guys consult subscribers about any changes to beers or cost of the service and welcome feedback to make it a better product for everybody. Couldn't be happier with the beer selection, pushes my boundaries while giving me heaps of what I love!"

Jedd A

Ocho Brewery
Golden Double IPA 8.3%
Limited Release. Canned 19/3

We're really thrilled with how this batch came out! It's got 99IBUs, half of which is from the boil, with the other half from the whirlpool. The majority of the hops were added on the cold side, split between two massive dry hops - one towards the end of fermentation, and one immediately prior to chilling. This is our fourth ever batch of our beloved double IPA, But never fear: it's as hop-forward and crisp as ever.

Wolf of the Willows
Pacific Sour 4.1%
Limited Release. Canned 28/2/2019

Bursting with lush tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, passionfruit, mango and guava, and finishing with a quenching tang from the kettle souring, this 4.1% session sour has your thirst covered. It's easy on the booze yet uncompromising in tropical hop aroma and juicy flavour. Take this Wolf to the Island Bar!

Ocho Brewing
Autumn Red IPA 6.5%
Limited Release. Canned 19/3/2019

Our Autumn Seasonal IPA is the *perfect* red colour, and has rich, toasty malt character as well as some elegant citrus and stonefruit hops. We used 100% Gladfield Malt from NZ; because we love their darker, toasted malts like Red Back, Aurora, and Shepherd's Delight. For hops, we used Cascade and Centennial, with a bit of Citra. We were aiming for citrus, of course, but the higher amount of Cascade also gave us some nice herbal, floral elements that in combination remind us of strawberries.

Dainton Brewing
Russ Le Hop NZ IPA 6.1%
Limited Release. Canned 5/3/2019

Hop explosion! Moderate to intense bitterness at the fore with a lingering oily resinous mouthfeel. Chur Bro!

"We don't have a million hops in this beer, it's more like a zillion IBU's so please don't fear. And though it may not be a GABS Hottest 100 can, at least we know, that Russel Crowe, doesn't endorse our brand!"

Barrel Farm by Blackmans
Sour NEIPA 6.7%
Limited Release. Canned 13/3/2019

Soured NEIPA, Apple juice added to the boil, Hopped at boil end and whirlpool with Simcoe and Galaxy, London Ale yeast ferment at 18 degrees, Triple Dry hopped with Galaxy and Eldorado. Dry hop additions: initially at start of ferment, then at 4 plato, then after end of ferment. We then infuse Gin soaked Cucumber, Mint and Lime post fermentation during cold conditioning to enhance the Fruity Juicy HAZY flavour.


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March Pack Review


"Love how its always a surprise what is going to arrive. The beers are super fresh, I love trying new ones so always happy with what arrives. Great way to try different beers/Brewery's especially living in a rural area"

Steven G

Red Hill Brewery
East Coast Session IPA 5.5%
First Can Release. Canned 30/1/2019

Fresh and hoppy, our punchy IPA is a classic East Coast IPA, balanced, with malt sweetness and citrus and fruity hop character with a nice little hop bitterness to balance it all out.

Mango Berliner Weisse
Limited Release. Canned 20/2/2019

A style originating in Germany in the 16th century, brewed using a lactic acid culture to create a distinctive tartness. We've added 25kg of mango during fermentation to add a hint of mango aroma with a subtle sour finish.

Exit Brewing
HIPA Juice 6.0%
Limited Release. Canned 5/2/2019

One-Off batch of a new Hazy IPA. A little more bitter than some, but it's a beer, not a fruit juice.

Hop Nation
The Forager Blueberry NEIPA
Limited Release. Canned 11/2/2019

Pouring with pink and purple tinges, this hazy, juicy, and vibrant NEIPA has subtle earthy and berry aromas derived from the almost 400kg of Blueberries added during fermentation - it is certainly a beer worth foraging for.

Hazy Mosaic 6.5%
Limited Release. Canned 13/2/2019

Brewed using exclusively Mosaic hops for an intense pineapple aroma, rolled oates are added for a cloudy appearance, slight sweetness and a smooth bodied mouth feel. A medium bitterness rounds out a well balanced IPA.