The Fresh Craft Beer Club - 20 Pack
$99.95 per month

Beers in next pack (Ships 6th July)

4x Prancing Pony - Hopwork Orange APA 4.8%
4x Burnley Brewing - The Flex IPA 6.9%
4x Coastal Brewing - The Ruins DIPA 7.5%
4 x Quiet Deeds - Double Time Pale 4.6%
2x Three Greens Brewing - Blackbird Baltic Porter 7.1%
2x Inner North Brewing - Kiss from a rose chocolate stout 6.0%


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What else is included?

Tasting notes to learn about the breweries and beers.

A guarantee that all beers are canned fresh within 30 days of shipping

Monthly beer podcast, Facebook community, a Froth magazine and a beer review of each pack like the one below!

Frequently asked questions

When does the next pack ship?

We are shipping on the 6th of July. You must order before the 2nd of July to guarantee your spot unless we sell out.

What happens if I join after you sold out?

We will do our best to squeeze all new customers into the 6th July shipment however it is on a first in basis. We will notify you if you miss out and either put you in the August delivery or arrange a refund.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $9.95 to locations in Australia with the exception of some remote areas. Any additional shipping cost will be calculated when you checkout.

How long is the subscription for?

We ship monthly on the first of each month. Payment is renewed on the 15th of the month. You can skip a month, pause or cancel anytime.

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