Fresh Craft Beer Club April 2019 Pack

Fresh Craft Beer Club April 2019 Pack

May 26, 2019

April Pack Review


"Great product, the guys consult subscribers about any changes to beers or cost of the service and welcome feedback to make it a better product for everybody. Couldn't be happier with the beer selection, pushes my boundaries while giving me heaps of what I love!"

Jedd A.
Coolangatta. QLD

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Wolf of the Willows

Pacific Sour 4.1%
Limited Release. Canned 28/2/2019

Bursting with lush tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, passionfruit, mango and guava, and finishing with a quenching tang from the kettle souring, this 4.1% session sour has your thirst covered. It's easy on the booze yet uncompromising in tropical hop aroma and juicy flavour. Take this Wolf to the Island Bar!

Ocho Brewing

Autumn Red IPA 6.5%
Limited Release. Canned 19/3/2019

Our Autumn Seasonal IPA is the *perfect* red colour, and has rich, toasty malt character as well as some elegant citrus and stonefruit hops. We used 100% Gladfield Malt from NZ; because we love their darker, toasted malts like Red Back, Aurora, and Shepherd's Delight. For hops, we used Cascade and Centennial, with a bit of Citra. We were aiming for citrus, of course, but the higher amount of Cascade also gave us some nice herbal, floral elements that in combination remind us of strawberries.

Dainton Brewing

Russ Le Hop NZ IPA 6.1%
Limited Release. Canned 5/3/2019

Hop explosion! Moderate to intense bitterness at the fore with a lingering oily resinous mouthfeel. Chur Bro!

"We don't have a million hops in this beer, it's more like a zillion IBU's so please don't fear. And though it may not be a GABS Hottest 100 can, at least we know, that Russel Crowe, doesn't endorse our brand!"


Golden Double IPA 8.3%
Limited Release. Canned 19/3

We're really thrilled with how this batch came out! It's got 99IBUs, half of which is from the boil, with the other half from the whirlpool. The majority of the hops were added on the cold side, split between two massive dry hops - one towards the end of fermentation, and one immediately prior to chilling. This is our fourth ever batch of our beloved double IPA, But never fear: it's as hop-forward and crisp as ever.

Barrel Farm by Blackmans

Sour NEIPA 6.7%
Limited Release. Canned 13/3/2019

Soured NEIPA, Apple juice added to the boil, Hopped at boil end and whirlpool with Simcoe and Galaxy, London Ale yeast ferment at 18 degrees, Triple Dry hopped with Galaxy and Eldorado. Dry hop additions: initially at start of ferment, then at 4 plato, then after end of ferment. We then infuse Gin soaked Cucumber, Mint and Lime post fermentation during cold conditioning to enhance the Fruity Juicy HAZY flavour.

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