It's a fact. Fresh beer tastes better.

It's a fact. Fresh beer tastes better.

July 17, 2016

It's a fact. Fresh beer tastes better.

Don’t you just love that freshness of beer, when you visit a brewery and they pour you one of their “special release” crafty’s into the glass.  The smell of hops and bubbles of carbonation are almost overwhelming.
You take your first sip and you can taste every element of flavour, just how the Head Brewer intended it to be.  It tastes so good so you order another, and search for your options to buy some more for home.  If you’re lucky, some of these breweries will offer a fresh fill into a Growler.  But since it’s a small batch special release, the beer won’t be packaged into standard 330ml bottles or cans…


This is where Hops to Home can help you…

At Hops to Home we do all the hunting around and tasting for you.
For us craft beer lovers, finding the next fresh craft beer to enjoy is a mission.  These special release beers are always pretty hard to find, and normally only available by the keg. 

We fill fresh from the keg into 1.89L Growlers and 1L Mini Growlers the day before delivery. 
Once we’ve secured your three craft beers for the month, we keep the keg’s untapped and chilled to awaiting delivery day.

At Hops to Home we fill using a special Pegas Craft Tap. 
This purges oxygen out of the Growler using CO2, and then fills with fresh craft beer.  Oxygen is what makes your beer go flat, so by removing it we maximise the freshness of your craft beer. 

At Hops to Home we guarantee that our Growlers will remain fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks from delivery. 
Once opened we recommend you consume responsibly within 24 hours.

We would love for you to give us a try! 
Our next delivery date is the first Monday of next month.