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CANimal's. 946ml of fresh craft beer.

CANimal's. 946ml of fresh craft beer.

July 20, 2016

CANimal's. 946ml of fresh craft beer.


Introducing Melbourne's first CANimals. Ever heard the expression everything old is new again? Cans are making a serious come back in the Craft Beer Industry as breweries realise the significant benefits over bottles. Cans keep your craft beer fresh by eliminating the negative impacts of UV light, chill quicker, are unbreakable, crushable and recyclable.  

Our CANimals are a conveniently impressive 946mL and sealed by a machine using industrial revolution technology. This creates a perfect seam on our cans ensuring freshness is locked in and baddies like oxygen and light are locked out. The result is a fresh crisp craft beer for up to four weeks before opening, perfect!  

Just shy of two pints of Craft Beer this is your perfect sized partner in crime to enjoy at home, or take with you literally anywhere! You won't look back once you have crushed your first CANimal! Watch the video below to see how we fill our CANimal's with fresh craft beer.


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